"The King Blend-Master" Fleet DJ 20/20

(Lamar Dexter Gardner)

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DJ 20/20's - Word On Da Streetz Radio Unplugged / Artist Interviews, Spinning The Best In Old School and NU-Skool Hip-Hop, RnB, Reggae, Soca, Rock And All Genre's Of Music

Featuring The Best In The Business

The King Blend-Master Fleet DJ 20/20

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My Accolades

C.E.O (20 Sack Entertainment, ASCAP), Disc Jockey (DJ 20/20), Fleet DJ, WWEN Radio 92.4, Music Producer (20 Beatz Productions), Recording Studio Engineer (Dexter's Lab Studio's), Graphic Artist (I.X.L Graphics), Writer (Createspace, Xlibris / Author House Pub, ASCAP), Photographer (20 Vids), Publisher (DJ 20/20 - 20 Sack Ent, ASCAP), Manager (Under-Boss Management), Videographer (20 Vids), Author (Createspace, Xlibris Publishing / Double Day),

Web Designer (Graphics-R-Me / I.X.L),

Father, Husband and Jack Of All Trades