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If You Can Think It, We Can Make It
Anythings Possible

Our Custom D.I.Y Shadow Boxes And Picture Designs

We Do Custom Designs For All Pictures And Shadow Boxes, All Sizes. For Shadow Boxes: We Even Customize The Size And Depths To Fit Exactly Where You Need It, Even Awkward Shapes, Just Supply The Measurements. Were Able To Do This Because We Create Our Own Boxes From Cardboard, Plastic, Or Wood And Flex-glass (Flex-glass Is Easy To Cut), Whatever You Prefer. Remember Cardboard Is Our Cheapest Priced, Lightweight Material But Made Durable To Last For Years. We Also Deal With 2 Types Of Glass, There's Glass (Thick, Adds To Weight and Highly Breakable, Standard Picture Sizes Only) And Flex-glass (Thin, Flexible, Less Weight And Won't Shatter On An Accidental Impact Easily, But Will Still Break If Hit Hard Enough, Can Be Cut and Reshaped). Most Shadow Boxes Come Equipped With A Lighting System Installed, Your Choice LED (Comes With Remote To Change The Color) Or Plain White Both Are Battery Operated. Certain Picture Designs Can Also Have Lighting Installed. You Can Add Whatever You Want Inside Your Shadow Box Ie; Flowers, Pictures, Your Favorite Record, Keep Sakes Etc...The Final Touch: We Also Add Lettering (Your Message Or Title Of Creation) On the Glass And Phone Scannable QR And Spotify Codes Directly On The Glass (If You Have A Favorite Song Somewhere On The Internet Connecting With The Moment Or Event Displayed By Your Shadow Box ie: Wedding Song, Graduation Song ETC....). Prices Vary, A Quoted Price Will Be Given Based Upon Conversation And Specifications Of Project. 
More Of What We Do From Dominoes To Ashtrays, Rolling Trays, T-Shirts, 3 Feet Tall Characters, Lighted Letter Boxes (Remote Controlled Color), Logos And Sports Boxes ETC...
Party Decor, Events, Holidays And Reefs D.I.Y's
Our Party Decor Designs (Homemade)
Our Cake Topper Designs (Homemade)
Handmade Decor And Scene Setters
Holiday Reefs, Stickers And Other Things Handmade
Occassional Basket Designs (Flowers, Shrink Wrap And Other Decor Weren'tAdded Yet)
We Make T-Shirts Too
Our T-Shirt Designs And Press Ups. Custom: Vinyl, Holographic, Matte, Layers And Iron Ons. Any Color, Any Design Possible. We Will Be Doing Hats Also Real Soon
Music Business:
Single, Album, Stickers And Logo Design
Single & Album Cover Designs:
Stickers & Logo Designs
Music Production, Recording Studio And Music Mastering
DJ Services
We Also Do Business Cards And Flyers (Main Template Only, You Take the Master Template And Make Copies, We Don't Provide Mass Copies
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