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DJ 20/20's A Brick Out Of Place Part 1 -

My Rite Of Passage

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Who Is DJ 20/20?

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Excerpts From My Biography:

 A Brick Out Of Place

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My Bio - Who is DJ 20/20

DJ 20/20 - The Man, The Pioneer, The Author, The Legend

Raised In The South Bronx, New York 1970, Lamar Gardner P. K. A. DJ 20/20 Has Endured Many Trials and Tribulations To Grind His Way Into The Field Of Entertainment. From Playing Records For My Mother's Get Togethers As A Young One, To Spinning Records Outside In The New York City School Yards With Childhood Friend; DJ Putt Putt And The Legendary DJ Grand master Flash In The Late 80's And Early 90's

In The Mid 80's, DJ 20/20 Started Working The House Party Circuits Around The Neighborhoods, To Conducting, Developing And Scoring The Musical Play List For All His Jr High And High School Talent Shows, DJ 20/20 Has Also Corked In Various Nightclubs In And Outside New York As A Main Attraction And Back Up Disc Jockey Or Sub To The Now Legendary Kid Capri And DJ Putt-Putt (The Castle, Savoy Manor, Skate Key, Demoralis, Webster Hall, The Boston-Road Ball Room, Claremont Center, Lucy's, Club Lido, The Lennox Lounge and Wild Bills).

DJ 20/20 Has Shown That Determination And Persistence Is Definitely A Main Factor In Life When You Choose A Profession That You Love And Want To Be A Part Of. Lamar Gardner P.K.A DJ 20/20 Has Earned The Title Of One Of The Best R-n-B/Hip-hop Producers In The South Bronx Area.

DJ 20/20 p.k.a Young Dr. Dre Has Been Making Music for 36 years. He Has Been Employed To Vintertainment Records In 88 - 90, Sleeping Bag Records In 90 - 91, All City Records in 92 - 93, Gee-street/Island Records in 93 - 95, Flat-top Records in 96- 97, And Big East Records In 97 - 2001 And Is Presently Working At His Own Label Comatose Recordingz.

The Major Deal: In 1992 A Childhood Friend Ulysses Quintana P.K.A. Mysterme Of "Mysterme And DJ 2020" And I Were Invited To Fly Out To The West Coast, California To Be Exact, To Record A Demo With West Coast Rapper/Producer MC Sway ( Now Sway Of NY's "The Breakfast Club" "Sway In The Morning" And MTV Mogul), Joe Quixx And DJ King Tech, Based On A Demo They Heard Of Mysterme Rhyming. At This Time Sway, Joe And Tech Had The Hottest Radio Show In California On KMEL Radio.

We Went To Joe's Studio So Mysterme Could Feature On A Song Called "Bust Your Rhymes" While Mysterme Did That King Tech And I Fumbled Around With Some Old School Vinyls He Had, Together We Made A Hot Beat From A Few James Brown Loops, Chopped Up Some Sampled Drums, Created A Funky Drum Pattern And Scratches And The Song "Unsolved Mysterme" Was Born. Mysterme Quickly Wrote Up A Few Vocals And A Chorus And Joe Started Recording. The Song Came Out Hot, So Joe Decided To Add It To The B-Side Of The "Bust Your Rhymes" Single. The Industry Didn't Take To "Bust Your Rhymes" As Joe Predicted, But They Were All In For The "Unsolved Mysterme" B-Side, It Became Highly Requested On Their Show. So Sway And Joe Revamped Their Release And Put "Unsolved Mysterme" On The A-Side And Their Song On The B-Side. They Re-Released The Single With "Unsolved Mysterme" As The Now Lead Track (A-Side)

We Then Returned Home, While Our Then Manager Kevin Glenn of Uptown Bounce Entertainment Remained To Sort Out All The Business Surrounding The Release, We Were Non-Exclusive In The Deal And Quickly Searched Out A New York Recording Deal Using The Record As A Demo To Service Perspective Labels.

In The Late Summer Of 1992 Our Manager Kevin Glenn Hooked Us Into A Label Interview With Island Records, They Had Just Released A Sub Hip-Hop Label Called Gee-Street Records. Gee-Street Records Had Just Achieved Success With Their Groups PM Dawn And Stereo MC's And Was Looking To Venture Into The Underground Hip-Hop Market. Kevin Gave Them The Single We Had But The Single He Gave Them Still Had Us On The B-Side. The New Independent Label Gee-street Records Didn't Like The Fact This Hot Song Was Being Wasted As A B-Side Single, It Was On All The Street Mix-tapes And Radio Personalities Like Red Alert And Chuck Chill-out Was Burning It Up On The Mainstream Radio Hip-Hop Shows, Even Though It Wasn't Signed To No Record Label Other Than All City Records In California. Gee-Street Offered Us A Deal, They Wanted To Re-Release "Unsolved Mysterme" After Negotiating A Buy Out Deal With Sway And Joe. After The Matter Was Discussed The Deal Was Signed, We Were Now New York Signed Recording Artist With Gee-street Recordings.

Unsolved Mysterme Was Re-Released In 1993; It Was An Automatic New York Underground Hit, Even Though It Was Previously Recorded By All City Records in California. The Island Record Label Went All Out For The Single (Video (Shot By Hype Williams), Radio, College Radio, Video Talk Shows (Video Music Box, The Box Etc), They Also Serviced Stickers, Posters, Autograph Pictures, Videos Of On Stage Performances, Record Pools, Clubs, Tape Masters And Independent Retailers, Etc.), They Also Set Us Up On An 20-state, All Expenses Paid Promotional Tour For The Single.

Upon Returning From The Tour, Gee-Street Informed The Group That They Were Now Island Records Artist And Had To Produce An Entire Album (Let Me Explain). Mysterme and DJ 20/20 Headed Back Into The Various New York City's Recording Studios To Begin Recording Their Album "Let Me Explain". The Group Achieved Many Magazine Write-Ups: Billboard (May 28, 1994), The Source (June 8, 1994), Spice (June 17, 1994), Era-Rap Bitz (1994), Street Sound (November 1994) and One Knutt Mag (January 14, 1995), Word Up! (Summer 1995), The Rap Pages (Sum / Fall 1995), Etc.

In The Fall Of 1995 The Group's Record Deal Was Terminated From the Label, Even Though They Had Sold Over 65,000 Copies And Had Developed A Nice Fan Base; The President Of The Label Cited No Resolution To Irreconcilable Differences Between The Group And The Label.

Now To Date 2017- 2018, Lamar Gardner Has Joined A Major DJ Coalition Group Known As “The World-Wide Fleet DJ's And Is One Of The Major DJ's Within The Fleet DJ Radio Network, With Four (4) Radio Shows “Fleet Gospel Radio (DJ 20/20's “Inspirational Vibez”), Musik Nation Radio (DJ 20/20's MiD-DaY Lunch Break – NU-Skool At Noon), Fleet RnB Radio (DJ 20/20 “IN DA MIXX” Clubkilla Radio), Latino Mundial Radio (DJ 20/20 El Jefe De La Mezcla), Fleet EDM Radio (EDM - CluB-KillA Radio) And Fleet DMV Power Radio (DJ 20/20's “Inspirational Vibez”).

Lamar DJ 20/20 Gardner Is Now Under New MGMT And Guidance By Mr DB Heard Of Not Only Street Records/Radio Organization And Also Performs As A DJ For Not Only Street Radio, Doing 2 Shows A Week On The Network's Radio Station (DJ 20/20's “IN DA MIXX” RnB Radio Morning Show And Word On Da Streetz Master Mix Radio). DJ 20/20 Also Spins On Various Internet Radio Shows In Different States In Syndication (Cleveland, Ohio – Unbreakable Records – Gurlz Talk Radio Ft Queen Suga-Hard Knox (DJ 20/20's Ladies Night Edition) And Block Party Music Entertainment (DJ 20/20's Saturday Night Bar-B-Que – The Burn-Down). Lamar DJ 20/20” Gardner Has Caught The Interest An Is Now Sponsored By Satellite/Internet Mega Radio WWEN Radio 92.4 -DJ A And DJ Gneous, And Has A Saturday Night Show On The Network (DJ 20/20 IN DA MIXX Radio – Blend-.Master Series).

Lamar 'DJ 20/20' Gardner Is An Author Of Three Books, "A Brick Out of Place", "Who Is DJ 20/20?" and 'Foster" They Sell Everywhere Paperbacks Are Sold, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Createspace, Xlibris, Good-reads, Lindsey Family Books, Borders Dot-Com's Etc, These Publications Represent His Trials and Tribulations Of Getting Into The Music Business, His Rise And Falls, Then Re tuning Back Into The Music Game Arena. Lamar “DJ 20/20” Gardner Also Has Various Mixtapes (Remix Blends) On The Music Market (The Blend-Master Parts 1-3, Classic 80's Freestyle Music Parts 1 And 2 And Personal Music Album Projects, Which Can Be Found On The Fleet DJ Expansion Network Mixtape Heat.

DJ 20/20 Has Been Putting In Alot Of Work On The Streets Of NY And The Internet, To Reinstate His Relevancy As An Entertainer Creatively. Working As A Freelance Disc Jockey (Clubs And Parties), Music Producer/Creator, Internet Radio DJ, Songwriter, Graphic Artist, Videographer, Music & Video Editor, Photographer, Book Author, To Owning And Operating His Own Recording & Mastering Studio. He Also Hobby's As His Own Recording Artist, Producing, Writing, Recording And Creating Video Of Himself As An Artist (YouTube – Word On Da Streetz Radio And Television).

Right At This Very Moment DJ 20/20 Is Building His On Radio Network With Shout-Cast And Tunein (Word On Da Streetz Radio-Unplugged), In Which, This Network Will Be Monetized And Formatted To Serve Underground Entertainer's. His Vision For This Network Will Be Opened Up As A Pathway For Up-N-Coming Unsigned Recording Artist All Genre's To Have A Platform To Display Their Artistry, With The Possibility Of Being Signed To His “Comatose Recordingz” Label. Lamar Has Set A Time When He Feels His Goals Will Be Accomplished And Met “It Will Begin In 2018 And Be Fully Accomplished By The Year 2020, That's My Mission Before Anything And I'm Going In Full Throttle, Full Steam Ahead Non-Stop”.